LAOAC to become an Agro-Economic Municipality in the Province of Pangasinan that nurtures a Safe, Sustainable and Agriculturally Conducive Environment driven towards a self-reliant Economy; A home for Competitive and Socially Responsible Laoakenians where Government is headed by competitive, consensual, and participative leaders.


To make LAOAC the MOST PEACEFUL, ORDERLY and SECURED place where each Laoakenians is ready to face the challenges of disaster.


  1. Drug-free municipality.
  2. Maintenance of Peace and order and public safety through the unified efforts of the local officials, law enforcers and the community
  3. Synchronized public and private efforts & resources towards the maintenance of peace and security of the community.
  4. Mobilization and strengthening of existing structures to ensure the protection and welfare of the people.
  5. Full safety-compliant buildings, infrastructures & civil works.
  6. Strict & massive enforcement of national and local laws on the protection and sustainability of the environment and solid waste management.